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Bioplavit Anti-Hair Loss Pack that includes 2 Boxes of Bioplavit Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules and a Maurens Strengthening Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo that combined will help you stop hair loss and promote the appearance of new hair.

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Pack description

Bioplavit Ampoules are a PLACENTA + VITAMINS Hair Loss Concentrate that helps prevent hair loss and regulates hair growth and growth. Combining its use with Maurens Anti- Hair Loss Strengthening Shampoo, you will activate hair growth and strengthen fragile hair.

How to use:

After washing with the Maurens Anti-Hair Loss Strengthening Shampoo, distribute the content of one ampoule on the scalp by gently massaging with the fingertips. Leave on for a few minutes and then, without rinsing, proceed to the usual drying and styling.

Frequency of use:

Apply one ampoule daily during the first week, changing to a blister every other day, the second and third week. Subsequently make an application twice a week until the desired effects are achieved.

Pack content:

- 2 Bioplavit Ampoules Box: 12 ampoules x 10 ml

-1 Maurens Anti-Hair Loss Strengthening Shampoo: 400ml

Pack content

Bioplavit Anti-Hair Loss Treatment in ampoules, a regenerating capillary concentrate that keeps hair exposed to external aggressions such as seasonal changes, solar radiation, free radicals, dyes and perms in a healthy state.

Packaging: 12 ampoules x 10 ml

Regenerating concentrated hair treatment that keeps hair exposed to external aggressions in a healthy state such as seasonal changes, solar radiation, free radicals, dyes, permanent ... Its composition is based on the combination of 5 fundamental active principles in the cellular biodynamics of the hair and scalp: Placenta Extract, Biotin (B7), Calcium Pantothenate (B5) and Inositol (B8), Cysteine and Methionine.

We can say that the set of all these active ingredients form a capillary complex that favors hair growth, prevents hair loss, combating dandruff formation and keeping hair healthy and strong.

It acts on the hair follicle, activating hair growth and strengthening fragile hair.

Container: 400 ml

It acts on the hair follicle activating hair growth and reinforcing fragile hair . Contains hydrolyzed Keratin and Extracts of Tusilage, Yarrow and Quina that normalize the hair growth cycle and the metabolic exchanges between the hair root and the scalp.

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