Pack Kinessences Antiox Mask + Shampoo + Nectar Kin Cosmetics

This pack of Kinessences Antiox includes all the necessary products to prolong color fidelity, providing shine and silkiness to your hair. You will get healthy hair full of vitality.

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Pack description

KINESSENCES Antiox prevents and protects hair from external agents that cause deterioration. Thanks to the combination of its ingredients and natural active ingredients free of sulfates, parabens and silicones , this unique treatment on the market prevents and protects the hair fiber and the scalp internally and externally against the harmful effect of environmental factors. Prolongs color fidelity providing shine and silkiness. The result is liberated, healthy hair full of vitality.

Its strong point : protection, antioxidant action, shine and natural volume. It works at the hair and scalp level.

It is formulated from a cocktail of 5 fruits , Ultra-Protective Active and Vitamin E.

Recommended for : All types of hair, especially fragile, dull, colored or lacking in vitality.

Its aroma is soft and fruity with floral touches.

The pack includes:

1 Kinessences Antiox Shampoo 300 ml
1 Kinessences Antiox Mask 200 ml
1 Nectar Kinessences Antiox 150 ml

Pack content

The KINESSENCES Antiox mask prevents and protects the hair from external agents that cause it to deteriorate thanks to the combination of its ingredients.

Treats hair damaged by free radicals, returning them to their natural state and protecting them from future aggressions. Strengthens the internal and external structure of the hair fiber so that the hair looks stronger and full of vitality. Enhances the shine of natural and/or colored hair.

How to use:

  • Apply to washed and towel-dried hair.
  • Evenly distribute the product with a gentle massage.
  • Leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.

Kinessences Antiox Nectar is a non-finish spray cream with multiple benefits.

Kinessences nectar is an innovative multifunctional treatment for hair and scalp that brings together extraordinary benefits. Exactly 14 in a single gesture! It is a spray cream without rinsing that from the 1st application protects, repairs , provides discipline and gives a high dose of vitality to the hair.

Kinessences Detox Nectar is made from a cocktail of 5 natural fruits (dates, goji, black currant, guava and quadong) very rich in antioxidant agents, vitamin E and ultra-protective properties that are combined in the new AOX technology. AOX technology acts on the deepest layers of the hair fiber and also on the scalp, producing a dermo-stimulating action that significantly improves hair health. The results are visible from the 1st application.

Kinessences Detox Nectar is an ideal treatment for all types of hair and is especially appreciated for colored hair due to its high antioxidant and multi-protective power, which keeps free radicals that cause deterioration at bay. With this spray without rinsing, we manage to prolong the fidelity of the color, enhance the shine and give it a very soft touch. It also protects hair from the action of heat from dryers and irons, seals the ends , repairs damaged hair, controls frizz and has an incredible detangling effect. A very practical product for any occasion.


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