Bases and Top Coats

The Keys to a Lasting Manicure

Semi-permanent nail polish bases and top coats are essential to guarantee a manicure that lasts. What do these special layers do?

Semi-Permanent Enamel Bases

The bases prepare your nails for the application of semi-permanent polish. They provide a uniform surface and help the polish adhere optimally, prolonging its duration.

Protective Top Coats

Top coats are like a shield for your nails. They seal in color, provide shine, and protect against chips and wear. They are essential to keep your manicure intact.

Tips for a Perfect Finish

Getting a salon-quality manicure at home is possible with the right base and top coats. Here are some tips to achieve a perfect finish.

Correct Application

Learn the proper technique for applying foundations and top coats. Uniform and precise application is key to a flawless manicure.

Maintenance and Retirement

Discover how to maintain your semi-permanent manicure and how to safely remove it when necessary, without damaging your natural nails.

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