Professional hair dyes

Coloring at home and achieving salon results is possible using professional salon dyes. In our store you will find the best national and international hair dye brands.


Hydrogen peroxide, oxidizer, or developer are sold separately.

To make the mixture of dye and oxidizer you must follow the instructions of each manufacturer.

The mixing ratio will be, for example, 1:1 (same amount of dye as oxidant); 1:2 (twice as much oxidizer as dye), etc.

The best sellers: TOP 3 in hair dyes

1- KINESSENCES™ Color Vegan Dye

This vegan dye from the Kin Cosmetics brand ranks first on our best-seller list (for a reason).

Lasting shine and maximum protection for our scalp. Formula without Ammonia and without PPD. Its versatility allows us to use it as a permanent color or as a tone on tone.

Kinessences Color Vegan Dye 100ml Kin...

€11.00 €13.92

2- KINCREM Color Vegan dye

The second place is occupied by the KINCREM permanent dye from Kin Cosmetics.

Its formula without ingredients of animal origin and a perfect calibration of the pigments, provides sublime, long-lasting color results, with 100% coverage of gray hair and with the maximum care and protection of the hair fiber.


100% coverage of white hair with a natural finish.
Long-lasting colors and faithful to the reflection of the tone.
Formula without PPD, reduces the risk of developing allergic reactions.
Protection of the hair fiber during the coloring process.
Conditions the hair in depth, giving it a silky touch.
Moisturizes the hair fiber, sealing the cuticle.
Provides multi-reflex shine.

Kincrem Color Vegan Dye 100ml

€11.00 €13.92


Create a unique look with fantasy coloring! Our number 3 position in the ranking and number 1 in direct coloring goes to CANDY COLORS. What does it mean? It is applied directly and does not need an oxidizer. Of course, to achieve a 100% Candy effect you must have hair with a light base or previously bleached.

More info

Candy Colors is a direct coloration, so it does not need to be mixed with oxidants. Apply directly to the area you want to color.

Creation of pastel shades:

White Sugar is a neutral base that softens the intensity of Candy Colors and allows you to create pastel shades. Its gel texture makes it easy to mix. It does not contain oxidants, ammonia or alcohol.

An essential to dye yourself at home

To dye yourself at home easily and safely, you will need to get this kit, which contains: 1 pair of gloves, a disposable cape, a bowl, a brush and a sachet of anti-stain protective oil to protect the skin.

Men's hair dyes... and beards!

The Beardburys brand Color shampoo has conquered us for its natural finish. Free of parabens and without ammonia.

Beardburys Color Shampoo Gray 9G


Beardburys Dark Brown Color Shampoo 3N


Beardburys Light Brown Color Shampoo 5N


Beardburys Color Shampoo Brown 2N


Permanent dyes are the most used in hairdressing. There is no gray hair that can resist! See all.

Kinessences Color Vegan Dye 100ml Kin...

€11.00 €13.92

Kincrem Color Vegan Dye 100ml

€11.00 €13.92

Koleston Perfect Me Dye 60ml


Sebelys Dye 100ml


Semi-permanent dyes are ammonia-free and are the best option for sensitive scalps. See more

Kinessences Color Vegan Dye 100ml Kin Cosmetics -permanent dyes -KIN CosmeticsKinessences Color Vegan Dye 100ml Kin Cosmetics -permanent dyes -KIN Cosmetics 2
  • -21%

Kinessences Color Vegan Dye 100ml Kin Cosmetics

€11.00 €13.92

Color Touch 60ml

Kinessences Blondes Lilac 60ml -semi permanent dyes -Kin CosmeticsKinessences Blondes Lilac 60ml -semi permanent dyes -Kin Cosmetics 2
  • -21%

Kinessences Blondes Lilac 60ml

€8.34 €10.56

Complete catalog of hair dyes

Frequent questions:

What dye best covers gray hair?

As a general rule, permanent color dyes cover gray hair better. Keep in mind that this type of dye contains ammonia. For stubborn gray hair, we recommend Kincrem dye, which is low in ammonia and its PPD-free formula contains almost 70% natural ingredients, so it will leave your hair shiny and silky.

Blonde colors tend to hide gray hair better because they do not mark the root effect.

How to remove stains from skin dye?

We have the remedy to remove dye stains from the skin. Kinmaster Color Cleanser is a cleansing gel that removes color stains from the leather.

However, if you want to protect your skin before applying the hair dye, you can use Color Screen, which acts as a barrier on your skin and prevents stains and irritation after dyeing or bleaching.

Why use a shampoo for colored hair?

The shampoo for colored hair is a very effective product to maintain color and shine throughout washes.

They are shampoos made specifically for this, for this reason they retain color for longer while deeply nourishing and hydrating it.

They will make your hair regain strength after the dye treatment.

In our store you will find a wide selection of specific shampoos for colored hair.

For us it is a must!

What do the numbers on the dyes mean?

You may have noticed that the dyes come with some numbers but... do you know what they mean? We tell you:

The first number in the tint refers to the base color, and the base color indicates the lightness of the color.

The colors range from 1 to 10, with 1 being black and 10 being platinum blonde.

Tint color 1: Black

Tint color 2: Brown

Dye color 3: Dark brown

Dye color 4: Medium brown

Tint color 5: Light brown

Dye color 6: Dark blonde

Dye Color 7: Medium Blonde

Dye color 8: Light blonde

Dye color 9: Very light blonde

Dye Color 10: Platinum Blonde

Now, in addition to the base color, you will see that there is a point along with another number: that number indicates the reflection of that color, the hue.

As a general rule, and although it depends on each manufacturer, the reflections would correspond to the following numbers:

.0: Natural reflex

.1: Ash reflection

.2: iridescent reflection

.3: Golden Shimmer

.4: Copper reflection

.5: brown reflection

.6: Red Reflex

.7: Blue reflection

.8: Green reflection

It is important that you know that it is not so easy to choose a dye color, which is why many times the best alternative is to consult with the hairdresser of your favorite salon.

Our advice if you want to dye yourself at home for the first time is to be careful and do not make sudden color changes. Choose a tint two shades up or down from your color so you don't notice much of a change.

We know that you love mercadona dyes but there is a whole world behind the manufacture of professional hairdressing dyes. Our manufacturers put a lot of effort to bring the best hair colors to the hair salon. It is true that they are more expensive than supermarket dyes but we can affirm that they are worth it because the quality is exceptional and because we have tried them and we like to take care of ourselves.

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