Lacquer Normal Sunlake 750ml -Lacquers and fixing sprays -Sunlake
Lacquer Normal Sunlake 750ml -Lacquers and fixing sprays -Sunlake

750 ml bottle

Hair spray to shape the hairstyle . It goes out with a simple brush.


Lacquer Normal Sunlake 750ml


1.42€ / 100ml

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Sunlake Normal Hairspray 750ml by Sunlake

Sunlake Normal Sunlake 750ml lacquer is a highly resistant and durable lacquer. This lacquer resists weathering and fading, maintaining its color and shine for longer. Provides a shiny finish and perfect fixation for different surfaces. Its special formulation prevents scratches and stains, providing long-lasting protection. In addition, it does not contain solvents harmful to the environment. This lacquer is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from house paints to furniture finishing.

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