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Alisado vegano Coco Gloss Phytogreen1L -Permanent and straightened -

It is a smoothing by taninoplasty: it revitalizes the hair and keeps it healthy. Its main component is tannin, a natural substance found in the bark of some trees and which has antioxidant, healing and antiseptic properties, which is why it favors delicate and sensitized hair.

Unlike other straighteners, this Vegan straightener from Phytogreen is a single product, without formaldehyde. Lasts up to 24 weeks!

The Banana Liss smoothing shampoo formula is 100% suitable for vegans. It includes among its components: coconut, argan oil, acay fruit, vitamins and other dermatologically tested products from the Amazon.

  • 1º- Moisten the hair slightly in the sink or toilet.
  • 2º- Shake before using the product, always using a minimum of 40 ml of product on short hair. We have to apply product throughout the length of the hair, in circular movements and making sure that all the hair has product. Do not add water, it is not necessary to create foam.
  • 3º- Let the product rest on the hair for 40 to 60 minutes depending on the quality and curl of the hair.
  • 4º- There is no need to rinse all the product, we just remove the excess in the sink.
  • 5º- We dry the hair 100%
  • 6º- We pass the iron, slowly and continuously, 15 times for each lock. With a minimum temperature of 200º C on weak or heavily treated hair and on resistant hair up to 230º C. VERY IMPORTANT: the iron we use to perform the treatment must have a temperature regulator and maintain a constant temperature.




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Alisado vegano Coco Gloss Phytogreen1L

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