Milk Hot Wax 1Kg -Waxing -Depil OK
Milk Hot Wax 1Kg -Waxing -Depil OK

Solid fat soluble wax at room temperature, but with a very low melting point.

Formulated with rosin (derived from pine resin) and beeswax. Its high content of beeswax gives it great elasticity that allows it to be worked in thin layers without the risk of cracking, while providing a softer starting pull, reducing the sensation of pain.

Cera milk with milk proteins. Doughy wax, with milk proteins as the main component. It is aimed at sensitive skin that requires special protection and hydration.


Milk Hot Wax 1Kg


1.37€ / 100g

Tax included

Hair Removal with Hot Wax Milk 1Kg by Depil OK

Depil OK offers the 1Kg Milk Hot Wax for hair removal, a high-performance product with an excellent quality/price ratio. This hair removal wax is soft to the touch and offers a smooth, even application for effective, long-lasting hair removal. It is easy to use and clean, allowing for comfortable and hassle-free hair removal. Its soft and delicate formulation does not irritate the skin, achieving optimal results without pain.

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