D'Bullón Deep Lim 100ml -Cleansers and toners -D'Bullón
D'Bullón Deep Lim 100ml -Cleansers and toners -D'Bullón

D'Bullón's deep cleanser is an ideal product for when we notice that our skin asks us to detoxify from day-to-day pollution and it does not come to us with our usual cleanser.

It is a detoxifying cream that purifies the epidermis and leaves it free of toxins and dead cells . It does not have exfoliating microgranules, so it is gentler for sensitive skin or those prone to redness.

To know that we are doing it well: we have to apply this cream with gentle circular movements on the skin. The cream will then turn white and dry slightly. That is when we will remove it using plenty of water. You have to be careful with the eye contour, yes, and avoid applying the product to that area.

Our skin is clean and purified, ready for the application of any moisturizer.

The entire line of D'Bullón products is guaranteed not to have been tested on animals and is also respectful with the environment.


D'Bullón Deep Lim 100ml

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D'Bullón Depth Lim 100ml

The D'Bullón Deep Lim 100ml from the D'Bullón brand is an ideal cleanser and toner to eliminate impurities and leave the skin clean, fresh and soft. Its formula is dermatologically tested and can be used on all skin types, from more sensitive skin to normal and oily skin. It contains natural plant extracts that help maintain healthy skin, providing a feeling of purity and freshness. In addition, it contains ingredients that help reduce skin tone and eliminate dead cells, leaving skin clean and hydrated.

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