Wax Cartridge Mint -Waxing -Depil OK
Wax Cartridge Mint -Waxing -Depil OK


Fat-soluble wax, semisolid at room temperature, but easily liquefied in the heating-applicator device. Its composition gives it a texture that adheres to the hair but does not dry out.

Its advantages are: its low temperature (ideal for heat-sensitive skin), hygiene (single use) and the ease of application (thanks to the built-in roll-on).

Mint Wax with Tea Tree Oil. Mentholated wax incorporated into its formula Tea Tree Oil with recognized sanitizing properties, to prevent infection of the hair follicle after waxing.


Wax Cartridge Mint

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Depil OK Mint Cartridge Wax for Hair Removal

The Depil OK mint cartridge wax from the Depil OK brand is a state-of-the-art depilatory wax that offers effective, gentle and painless hair removal in any area of the body. It is made with premium natural ingredients, such as beeswax and essential oils, and comes in an easy-to-use cartridge. Its method of use is simple, it is applied in the opposite direction to hair growth and removed in the opposite direction to hair growth. This wax offers longer-lasting hair removal, since the hair is removed from the roots. Additionally, it leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

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